There were ages when things were crafted with timeless elegance…
…when people honored masterful artisan workmanship…
…when dedicated craftsmen would hone their abilities for years, and find ways to integrate their skills with emerging social needs and innovative new technologies.

These were times that did not embrace the culture of fast, cheap, disposable. These were cultures that had a high regard for those who spent their days not in passive entertainment, but in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

What if we could bring a little bit of that back?

Odyssey Craftworks, LLC. is a daring venture that seeks to reclaim that ideal. Under this banner, several aspects are expanding under the direction of Alivanna Moore:

Mithros Designs features jewelry items inspired by history, designed for wearability, and rich in symbolism and meaning.

Underhill Alchemy fragrance oils have been discontinued.

Liv has closed Carey Moore Art (formerly CareyOxler.com) in order to focus on these new businesses. If you would like prints or greeting cards with her art, they are available through DeviantArt.

And there are other projects in the works… We go where the Muses lead us!

New Website Coming Soon

Please pardon us while we update the website to a newer, fresher WordPress theme. Please contact us if you find any broken links or typos. In the meantime, our Etsy shop is open as always and we are available to take orders as normal!