A Scent that Wraps itself about You like a Shawl

tannenbaum‘Tis the season! Hail and Well Met!

The season where the night grows long and the stars blanket you in quiet stillness, when snow filters silently through the air dancing in the breeze, when the smell of pine and spices fill the home with warmth. Its good for the soul to cultivate these moments whenever one can, and when the right elements come together it is life’s elixir. We’ve just had our first snow here, and our red cedar stands sentinel in the hall. 

Scent is a powerful magic to the human mind; in an instant it can bring one back to a moment in time, with the power to transport one to a completely different state of mind. To that end we present Midwinter Vigil, an Underhill Alchemy fragrance oil, that you may bind it up in wonderful memories this holiday season. Let the smell ever be your herald back to love and joy.
midwinter-vigilA gentle reminder that all custom casting orders (including items ordered to size with specific stones, and items in gold) must be placed by(through) tomorrow, Friday December 9th. Last chance to get that shining jewel you’ve been dreaming of by Yule! (December 21st)

We hope the holiday season finds you merry and bright. May you grow ever closer to your loved ones even as the Longest Night draws near, and realize that the truest treasure is in your hearts.