Busy, busy, Busy as Bees!

Hello there! Hopefully everyone is excited for and already enjoying their holidays! We’ve had a fantastic slew of Yuletide orders that are already swiftly bearing ways to their respective new homes. We can’t wait for them to light up people’s holidays!infinite-love

The number of jewels flying out has us gearing up, ready to stock some gorgeous new designs! If you would like a brief respite from your own busy preparations, come take a look behind the scenes with us as we prepare new designs and old favorites via the lost-wax casting method.

wax1Once the wax is hot it is “shot” into prepared molds. When cool each waxen pendant is carefully removed from the mold and examined closely for any bubbles or thin spots–some can be repaired, but most are discarded to be melted down again later.

wax3All of the pieces that can be repaired at that point are, gently melting wax off of the bottom to touch up the thin spots, then carefully shaving down the now-thickened areas until it is once again flush with the pendant.

Once done, all of the perfect pieces are ready to be treed! What is treeing, precisely? wax4

wax6Treeing is the method by which all the pendants are attached to a central pole, melted into the surface and angled upward. Just a few more steps and we’ll have silver version of the trees you see here:

But don’t think we’re limited to silver! We cast gold and bronze as well, in both white and yellow varieties. We’re even capable of getting a piece forged in platinum if that is the heart’s desire.

The sky is the limit, even in wearing our pendants! Don’t think silver or gold chains are the only option–with just a little creativity, our pendants can be the centerpiece of what is truly a stunning work of art!beads1

May your own creativity shine forth this season, making dreams into memories for years to come. Wishing you the greatest warmth and love this season. Blessings!