‘Twas the Night Before…

Happiest of Holidays to you all! Its been a whirlwind of activity for us here at the shop, making sure purchases get out in time while still trying to have everything ready for our own celebrations! (Admittedly, there are STILL a few gifts in the works that at the time were hurriedly wrapped with a note pinned saying “To be continued…” and in the case of one hapless sock, “Dobby is Free!”)

Yet still the Long Night came, and as the Darkness enshrouded us the hearth was lit, with loved ones arriving from their travels afar to gather close. The armada of cookies were assembled to battle hunger, meaty turnovers sizzled enticingly in the oven while wine was mulled, and the cinnamon rolls sat expectantly awaiting the dawn. Lights were lit within our Sentinel Red Cedar and all through the Hall, and the chest of games uncovered as we determined what merriment was to be had.

Longer still the Long Night stretched, and as the yawns increased photobooks were fetched and memories relived, laughing at the outrageous hairstyles of days gone by (mullets, anyone?)  Some went out and watched the moon before hauling more wood in from the pile.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the sky lightened to a shade lighter than black, then to blue, then lighter still. As the sun rose so too did we, leaving the warm hearth and gathering drums as we went out into the cold and the snow to greet the sun reborn. We stomped feet and beat drums and listened to the pulse of the earth. Words were spoken, life was honored, and finally the sun had risen as we stilled to quiet and gradually trudged back indoors.

Cinnamon buns were baked as tea and coffee were brewed alike, and then it was time for presents and stockings. Gifts were opened and stockings divested of their chocolates, shaken until finally the orange and penny fell out–gifts from Father Winter for health and prosperity in the coming year. Then finally, blessedly, to sleep.

To all who still prepare for their own celebrations, may your hearth and hearts be warm, may your travels be safe, and all your presents ready in time!! Blessings!