…And a Happy New Year!

Who’s ready for 2017?!

As one year turns to rest, we look back on what has gone before and prepare to release the past–what no longer serves us, what is time to set aside. It is important to make way with the old, because there are a LOT of new changes around here that we are incredibly excited about!!

We here at Odyssey Craftworks have a bunch of new events we’ll be going to this year, which has us positively giddy. Soon enough we’ll be heading to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show–not to sell of course, but to stock back up on the precious shining gems that make some of our best pieces truly sing.

Not a moment too soon either, because just a few short weeks after getting back we’ll be speeding on out again to vend our wares at Estrella Wars! Calling all SCAders, come and test your mettle in battle! We’ll be happy to chat once you’ve a moment to spare–we’ve got several very sturdy bronze cloak clasps for you to choose from that outlast just about every other model we’ve found. Or if there’s a particular design you’ve always dreamed of, let us know and we’ll be happy to manifest it for you. So don your armour and ride out to Arizona; we’ll see you February 21st!

As much as we look forward to the events, however, they still don’t come close to our most exciting news yet. 2017 heralds a brand new line of jewelry!  After much saving and searching, we have finally acquired the equipment necessary to cast pewter. If cost has ever held you back from a piece you’ve set your heart on, we are happy to announce that many of our pieces will be made available in this new cost effective form–and not just old favorites, but a whole new line of designs! We are busily working away to get these ready, and CANNOT wait until we can reveal them to you! More to come!

The approaching year will also be bringing new products to Underhill Alchemy. What herbal delights might we devise to please your palate? Time will tell friends, for we’re donning our alchemist’s caps and diving deep into herbal studies, concocting such boons that your senses will go wild!

Last but not least, we are happy to announce the addition of a new member to our team! Now introducing yours truly! You’ve had a taste of my writing for the past little while, as I have taken on the duties of blogger extraordinaire. 😉 You’ll also be seeing my touches in the new products and designs to be released; hopefully you find something that enchants you! (I won’t pretend that isn’t the intent.)

Wherever the night finds you, we hope that you are safe and sound as you too prepare for the new year to arrive. Remember to release the old, so that you can make way for the new. May the coming year shine on you, that you may realize happiness once more. Joy and Blessings to you!