Through the Thaw

Good Afternoon! It’s a gorgeously gray cloudy day here today. The weather is warm despite the lack of sun, and a clean dampness is all throughout the air, a result of melted ice that the temperature belies.

Our world is become tech trouble-shooting and designing, repairing and shooting wax, with our noses at the grindstone as we look toward the fast-approaching gem show. The upcoming trip to Tucson promises to be spectacular; I’ve been an avid stone collector all my life, and the other two assure me that nothing I’ve experienced up until now can have prepared me for what I’m about to witness.

Stones of every grade and type, sourced the world over and collected in one city. Any stone you’ve ever heard of–precious, semi, or otherwise–and a good deal of which you likely never have. This is the annual trip which will have us restocking the shop, sourcing the best gems we can find to render the perfect touch to our gemstone pieces. The prospect has me a bit weak-kneed.

It also has us busy as all get-out.

Alivanna is bravely setting to against a voluminous backlog. There are some drawbacks to running a home business, and the loss of a computer is one of the more notable ones. The business laptop had been struggling for some time, and so the sad process of backing up the data began. Then once the laptop had breathed its last came the dawning awareness that the backup… wasn’t. Months of work, of photography presenting new and exciting creations, lost with that horrifying realization. So our Pharoah of Photography, our Mistress of Makers ventures forth once more, for we are bound and determined to bring you these treasures even if we have to redo six months of work to accomplish it. No small task to be sure, but it means that there will be plenty to look forward to in the shop in coming months!

Andross has been busy perfecting the masters for the pewter molds, trimming and brass-brushing the bronze so that they can be sent off. This in addition to the standard number of projects we have running in regards to replenishing our inventory with plenty to spare with an upcoming event on the horizon.

After the latest brushing we had to stop and admire the finish it left on the bronze. We’re fairly tempted to offer a line of pendants with this finish! They don’t seem to shine so much as glimmer in the light; what say you all? If there’s an interest we’ll be happy to produce several items in this finish–we serve at your pleasure.


As for myself, I’ve been busy cross-training on jewelry production as well as keeping up to date with the content for this blog! Throw in a bunch of new product descriptions to write up and a giveaway that we’re running, and it seems almost as if the busy season has begun already!

Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out our giveaway if you haven’t yet. There’s still time to spare, but expires along with the month of January at the stroke of midnight.

We’d love to hear from you!