Standing for a Change

Happy Tuesday!
((…wait, it’s Tuesday already?! Wha–how–WE GOTTA GET MOVING!))

Time is suddenly rushing by us here at the shop! Just two days and we LEAVE FOR ARIZONA! A world of delights waits to unfold, and in the meantime we need to get all the things ready before we’re off on our adventure because in just three short weeks we’ll have our first event of the season! Estrella Wars here we come!

Speaking of, we just rolled out several new pieces on our Etsy shop including four additional cloak clasp designs! (I did warn that they would be coming, didn’t I? Expect more! 😉 )  These clasps are quite heavy and appropriate for any thick cloak or robe. I’ve been shooting the waxes for these over the past week or so in preparation, and it’s wonderfully gratifying to hold the finished piece–though it will be more gratifying to sell them! Some of my favorite pieces snuck out with this wave, so be sure to check out our shop and see what else we have to offer!

As busy as things have been for us in the shop of late, things have been busy for the country (and to a degree the whole world) lately. How was everyone’s Saturday? Ours was a sea of pink.
Alivanna and I had been knitting up a storm, and successfully delivered four pussyhats to our local Kansas City march. While not as epic in scale as some of the marches, there was still a highly respectable turnout of all sorts of people coming together for unity. The energy of this large crowd was the best part of all, however–the dominant message was Love. That Together, we can overcome hate. That there is still hope we can make the future better.

Given the current tide we may be heading for rough waters in the coming years. We here at Odyssey Craftworks stand, and will continue to stand, for the sake of equal rights and equal respect. We agree that all races, genders, orientations, spiritualities, and abilities are deserving of respect. Whatever privileges we enjoy should be the birthright of all, and we stand for our present and our future.

Not everyone has the same ability to stand up. Some are afraid, for any number of valid reasons. For those who cannot stand in the open but still stand in their hearts, we will be there for you too.

Our Discreet Devotions ring is custom made to order with a wide range of possible religious symbols to choose from. If you don’t see the symbol you’d want, please contact us and we’ll be happy to work together with you on a custom piece. Elegant and tasteful, this is a beautiful devotional piece for those loyal at heart–even if they can’t openly display it.

Until next week, dear friends, I’m off running again! May your hearts be hopeful and your steps sure, and may any adversity be the impetus for you to shine brighter than ever before.

These are the times we were born for. It’s time to get to work.