Oh we would drive five hundred miles…

Amethyst Geode

…And we would drive five hundred more!
Just to score those gems with our bargaining wiles

And deliver them to your door!

Okay,  so maybe our round trip was closer to 2,392 miles, but that didn’t fit in the song nearly so well. 😉

Hello everyone! Hopefully life has been treating you well. Happy Imbolc to those who celebrate it; this is always our best time of year for our Brigid’s Cross. Spring is quickening! A quick note for the aspiring romantic however,  all orders intended to arrive by February 14th must be ordered by tomorrow, Friday 10th.

For our part we’ve been on one adventure after another, our most notable being the annual trek to Tucson, Arizona to restock the shop with breathtaking jewels. 
We left on a Thursday morning heading toward the land of cacti, mountains, and glorious sunsets. Andross took the wheel and steered our course through snowcapped mountains and dusty desert, stopping as necessary then doggedly heading on. Our aim was to make it to Tucson from Kansas City in two days to arrive for three days of gorging ourselves on a panoply of gemstones–a gathering of Gem and Mineral shows from all over the world at one time, in one place. The idea is dazzling; the reality overwhelming.

Maybe next time we can NOT smile directly into the sun?

Having survived the White Sands Missile Range–the site for the nuclear bomb tests near Almagordo, New Mexico–we arrived safely at our hotel and dove headfirst into a pile of stones. Or maybe just headfirst into bed to sleep like rocks; we’ll never tell. 😉

And so it begins…

We rose bright and early for our first day, entering into a dizzying array of every sort of stone you’ve ever seen, or heard of, or possibly even imagined. Every precious or semi-precious stone one could think of, from tiny cabochons scarcely a millimeter round, to giant raw stones as big as a horse, to lamps crafted of sheer opulence (Opulent lamps, you say? Picture an Amethyst cluster  with the largest point as big as your forearm, set into a small boulder of slightly-tumbled moss agate lit from within. Or one of tumbled amber in every size and shade,  pieced together like a mosaic. The beauty and prices were both jaw-dropping.)

Now, to give an idea for scale; the above picture is one stall of amber beads, in one corner of the amber section, which — while the size of a large store all on it’s own — was but one small corner of a large warehouse, which in itself was one of the smaller gem shows in one corner of a large city. When I say corner of a large city I mean to say that every hotel, warehouse, convention center, and market in that section of the city is taken up with its own gem show. 

One of the shows that we went to had a bathtub carved from sodalite out front, as well as this monster:

Not catching on to this “sun” bit, are we?

Too much for a person to take in in the one week, let alone the three days that we had. Yet the astounding milieu left us entirely exhausted, and we found ourselves all too ready to turn from the land of sunsets and make the steady trek back home. 

All too soon we’ll be turning right back around to head out to Arizona again for our first event of the year, Estrella Wars. Already we are in the thick of preparations with last minute restocking of wares and readying the tent for a whole week outdoors. Anyone else excited? We’ll be happy to meet you there! 

Until next week, intrepid adventurers, may life’s travels treat you well. Keep your heads high and hearts open. Blessings!