What a whirlwind!! No sooner had last week’s blog post hit than we received a surprising email–we’re going to Gulf War!  We had been on the waiting list, but that often means little for such a well-attended event. Yet lo and behold a vendor dropped at the last minute and we’ve had precious little warning, so we’re making every moment count! We’ve spent full days cooking, repairing garb, and fixing the gaps in our camping needs. That doesn’t even cover all of the jewelry we’ve been making to restock our wares! We wouldn’t change it for the world; we’re absolutely ecstatic to be going! 

A scenic day-long jaunt later and we’ll be ready to settle in for another week of war, with new sights and classes and sales! We listened to our patrons at Estrella and have prepared several new bracelets–if you’re going to be at Gulf you should definitely stop by! There are several treasures available at live events you’ll not find on our Etsy shop, although we’ve been working hard to close that gap. We’ve gotten a whole slew of new items in our Etsy shop recently; now you too can drool over the very same Boar Medallion that had so very many at our last event enraptured:

Soon enough we’ll be back again, preparing for the next event. Still there is some curiosity as to what we’ll find when we get back. It has been unseasonably warm for so early in the year and the pear trees are already blooming. It will be an adventure to find out! 

Whatever the case, may your own adventures bring you happiness and new things of interest. Until next time!