There and back again

It’s been a small epic of a week! Hardly a week’s warning and we were off running again, gearing up for Gulf Wars down in Mississippi. In that spot of time somehow we managed to create several new bracelets to premier at the event. These were quite a hit and received several compliments. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks; we’ve still got quite a few items set to debut on our Etsy shop! 

The new bracelets feature our Celtic Cross design as a centerpiece

We traveled all through the night and arrived in the wee hours of the morning. After a couple hours of sleep and several more of waiting in the groggy cameraderie of the early-morning line, we were shown our location and set right to work establishing our booth. Although it’s only the second event under our belt for this year we seem to have the routine down to an art. Shop, kitchen, bedroom– our home for the week settled, we fell gratefully to sleep.

War dawned with the next day.

Have you ever been told to “Have a good War?” The phrase at first may take some getting used to, but it applies perfectly. People come together from all over the country to learn and practice all manner of things from antiquity. About pre-17th-century life, cooking and construction, combat, arts and sciences and so much more, from every culture and early era. There’s lecture and demonstration and hands-on aplenty, certainly any skill to tempt your palate. Want to vent life’s frustrations and test your prowess through the field of combat? There’s a place for that. Want to come together with like-minded intellectuals to learn a new craft? There’s a place for that too. Want to party late into the night dancing about the bonfire to the beat of a drum, or chatting around a brazier as mintrels perform in the tavern? There are in fact very many places for that. 

Alivanna’s new work garb of Roman splendor

Leathra’s new work garb with a beautiful sideless surcoat
Not that we had much stamina for partying; With a dizzying array of classes to attend and patrons through our shop of every stripe and color, we had more than enough to keep us happily busy from sunup to well past sundown. 

Midnight Madness along the Street of Gold
Minstrels and street performers roamed by our booth delighting the ears, and mouth-watering aromas from the bakery across the way maddened the senses until we found ourselves within by some strange compulsion. But when you cap the day with a cold cider, a bacon potato pasty and a berry pie, it’s the sort of satisfaction that denies any notion of “roughing it.” 

So rough 😉

It was a wonderfully fun and thought-filled week, with new crafts and new acquaintances. We worked hard and laughed harder, making the most of our time at war. 

Wherever life finds you, may it be your own rich adventure full of learning and new experiences. Until next time, Slainte!