As the World Turns

Rose and Crescent

Our world has settled in to the crafting grind once more, finishing fresh casts of favorite designs to be the resupply for our customer’s demand. After such a short break between events the last time it seems that now we actually have a moment to stretch out and get comfortable, though the Renaissance Faire of the Ozarks looms on the Horizon. I don’t suppose that anyone here is near Springdale, Arkansas? If so come on out and have a grand time at the faire, and stop by our booth! We love fantastic conversation and people, and there are far more wares in person than has made it into the online shop just yet so there are plenty of new delights to surprise.

In the meantime however we have had a number of (mis)adventures–no doubt intended by some puckish spirit as a means to prevent life from slipping into boredom. Mission accomplished– with all the ins and outs and ups and downs life is far from boring! After a marvelous boomer of a thunderstorm we were treated to nearly a full day without power–rather off-putting when one’s tools of the trade require electricity. Still, the day wasn’t a complete wash; later in the afternoon we were pleased to discover a most anticipated arrival: our new pewter molds are here!!!

Pewter mold unboxing
The cats were insistent on helping too

Some may remember when we spoke several weeks back on getting our pewter jewelry line off the ground? We have the machine. We now have the molds. We have the poweeeeeeeer!
–well, almost.
There are still some tweaks and and adjustments to the machine before we can get the pneumatic portion to function properly. In the meantime let us explain how this portion of the process is (supposed to) function.Flexible rubber molds

These bendy rubber sides are pressed together so that the steel bolts are aligned, and placed within the machine so that the half with the hole in the center is oriented upward. The machine then puts the mold under pressure and spins it rapidly; at this time molten pewter is poured in through the center. Unlike our bronze and silver casting, where the metal is suctioned down into the shape with a powerful vacuum, the pewter is distributed throughout the mold thanks to centrifugal force.

Centrifuge for pewter casting
Rightey-tightey, Leftie-loosey…

We are so excited to be bringing these to you! We have several designs, some of which are old favorites that are already known and loved. At last, we’ll have more wares available for those who are on a tighter budget! As pewter is rather a more fragile (and inexpensive!) metal, for this round we’ve stuck to our favorite designs that are already of a heavier make. We’ll be tweaking some of our other designs to withstand pewter incarnations, as well as coming up with new creations suited to a pewter medium! The possibilities are endless!

Speaking affordable possibilities, we have an exciting announcement! For anyone who’s had a piece of ours on their Favorites list, this may be your chance to secure it. We are delighted that spring has sprung, and we want to share that joy with everyone here.  From now through May 5th you can enter the discount code SPRING417 during checkout on our Etsy shop and get 10% off of orders that are $20 or more. Discount expires May 6th.

Wherever the season finds you, we hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful spring to its fullest and that your adventures are those of the enjoyable type.  Blessings!