Inspiration Divine

Good Day everyone! We hope that your week’s been fruitful! Things around here are busy as ever, tending constantly to the development of new products, learning of new skills, and laying the practical groundwork for the next level our crafts take us to. It’s a practice that is forever progressing, challenging our skill and moving forward, and so must be constantly tended with new creations to fuel the fire.

Rest assured, the arrival of a repair kit for the pneumatic system of our pewter machine has fueled that fire considerably! We’ve been working for some time to expand our horizon, and now we’ve got a whole new heap of material to play around with — 25 pounds of lead-free pewter! After all of the new creative things we learned from our time at War, the ideas have been firing non-stop! I can’t reveal too much at this time–we’re still in the drafting phase after all, and it would spoil the surprise. However I can give you one small hint on what wondrous possibilities you might expect to see from us in the coming months:


We have so many brilliant new designs that we can’t wait to share with you!! Still, all things in good time….

walnut inkSpeaking of new and creative things, we have something up in our shop that may be just the ticket for the artists and calligraphers out there. I don’t suppose anyone has been wanting to work with ink? This was quite a hit among the calligraphers and illuminators at Estrella and Gulf Wars.

This walnut ink was handmade by some very dear friends of ours. It was brewed with intent upon the night of a full moon eclipse, and would be appropriate for use in artistic offerings and sigilwork, as well as the more mundane creative pursuits.


The color upon paper is true sepia, a rich earthy tone that would suit a wide variety of work. Alivanna wasted no time testing it out once it was finished!  This is the creation that the ink inspired for her: “Muse”muse

It is our hope that with this ink your own muse will whisper inspirations to you, and birth new marvels and beauties into the world. Wherever the coming week takes you, we hope that it is filled with adventure and inspiration. Perhaps it will even bring you our way; if you’re near Springdale, Arkansas stop on by and have fun at the Renaissance Faire of the Ozarks. We’d love to see you there!  Blessings!