The Saga Continues

Greetings fellow adventurers! We hope the road has been easy on you.  We’ve just gotten back from another jaunt, this time travelling to Wichita Kansas for the Great Plains Renaissance Festival.  We had a fantastic time while there, reconnecting with old friends and meeting a whole slew of amazing new people.  Our booth was set up right next to the jousting field, and listening to the tourneys was a delight! While we weren’t able to get out of our booth much to watch, having so many people through our booth that we didn’t have a chance to was a happy exchange. Still, the falconers were about the stalls with birds of prey on arm so we were able to admire.

Our Caduceus was the star of the show, with several winging on their way to be gifted to beloved nurses


Now that we’re back we’ve set to restocking supplies once more. We have a spot of time before our next event and several wax trees prepared, so we’ll have plenty of treasures available for people to choose from! treeAside from our normal jewelry processes, the saga of the pewter centrifuge goes on. We’re awaiting the arrival of a new solenoid, an electrical component which should resolve our ongoing problems and result in a fully functioning machine! We will continue to update as we can. pewter

Until next time, may your own adventure be fruitful and filled with joy. The path may occasionally throw boulders at you, but that is only your opportunity to continue climbing. Be well, and Blessings!