Odyssey Craftworks, LLC is the business umbrella for the creative ventures of Chris and Liv Moore.

Right now, this includes Mithros Designs and Underhill Alchemy, LLC.

It’s also a convenient name to put on side projects, miscellaneous artistic endeavors, and one-time creations. Apparently accountants like to put things under labels and categories. Who knew?

It’s very possible that some of these side projects and one-offs could spawn new enterprises in the future. It’s nice to have a basket ready to catch any capricious genius that shows up.

About Our Projects

Mithros Designs: jewelry items inspired by history, designed for wearability, and rich in symbolism and meaning. You can read more about it here or visit www.mithrosdesigns.com

Underhill Alchemy, LLC: intoxicating fragrances for the skin, the bath, the home, and the altar. You can read more about it here or visit www.underhillalchemy.com

About Us

Chris Moore is a marketing, business managing, jewelry manufacturing, display building, event coordinatinating road warrior. Alivanna Rose Moore (Liv) is a website developing, spreadsheet manipulating, fragrance oil blending, Vray rendering, graphic designing, copy editing madcap artist. Together, THEY FIGHT MEDIOCRITY! Both of them are jewelry designers, teachers, community builders, ritualists, and thinkers.

“Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.

–King Leopold of Belgium, to Queen Victoria in 1845