Renaissance, SCA, and Festivals

When we set up at outdoor festivals, we do so proudly in our 16′ x 16′ Panther Primitives pavilion. We have hand-painted the dags to match our branding in a modified version of an ancient Greek pattern (it took us a whole winter to do, but it looks fabulous). The tent is a medieval square Marquee type, with wooden poles, ropes, and canvas. Including the guide ropes, it sits neatly on a 20′ x 20′ footprint space. It is fireproofed in accordance with California safety laws (we can email vendor coordinators a photo of the tag on request), and handles all kinds of weather like a champ. Our signs are tapestry banners, hand-painted canvas, and hand-painted wood. Our jewelry displays are handmade of wood, outfitted with parchment-style paper signs and velvet pads, and set on brocade tablecloths. Even our chairs are handmade of wood, leather, and brocade on wrought-iron frames. Our display is designed from the ground up to be appropriate for medieval, renaissance, SCA, and LARP events and scenarios. We also garb ourselves appropriately for the specifications of the event, whether that means medieval and renaissance, SCA, fantasy, or more relaxed festival wear.

At events where we’re set up indoors, we essentially just use our tables and tabletop displays. At outdoor events on asphalt or concrete, we use standard 10′ x 10′ pop-ups with weights.