Gemstone Fantasy Adult Coloring Book

I just published an adult coloring book: Gemstone Fantasy Vol. I by Carey A. Moore, available in our Etsy Shop. It’s a downloadable pdf with 41 colorable pages of 20 unique jewelry and gemstone designs, in basic and advanced versions.

I love coloring, and in planning some new products and designs I realized I could translate some of these ideas into coloring pages. I made the original designs in the GIMP, and my friend Jared Presler helped me convert them to vector format. The new vector version is available for purchase and download now, and the pages look great printed on 8.5 x 11″ paper and will print well on most any printer — inkjet or laser.

The designs all feature gemstones including 12 different cuts, and each gemstone page comes in a basic version that only gives guide lines for the facets visible on the top of the gem… and an advanced version that includes thinner grey lines showing the facets on the underside of the gem, allowing you to create some truly spectacular patterns of sparkle and color if you’re up for the challenge!

If you want to take your drawings to the next level, there are some great tutorials out there for coloring gemstones, cabochons, metal, and pearls. I can’t wait to have the downtime to be able to color these myself!

Did I mention that the pages are formatted so you can put your finished piece into an 8 x 10″ photo frame?

Anyway, I’d LOVE to see someone’s coloring of one of my pages! Please share them and drop me a link, a comment, or use the hashtag #GemstoneFantasy so I can see your work!

Happy Coloring!